CozZo is food, home & personal supplies manager, combined with a multi-purpose shopping planner that helps you avoid food waste by tracking what you have and when it expires.

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  • Household Account Bundle

    CozZo Household Account is a bundle of cloud-powered services and add-on features. It manages in real-time your products and lists across multiple iPhone/iPad devices and user profiles, delivers reminders and provides barcode data.

  • Food, Home and Personal Supplies Catalogs

    Dual-view "At Home" catalogs give you a digital picture of your fridge, pantry, freezer, ... and show you when each item will expire. You can look up top recipes based on what you already have and use premium Space selections, included in your Household Account Subscription.

  • All-purpose Shopping Planner

    The dual-view "To Buy" screen allow all household members to take part in shopping planning. The thorough grocery lists allow you to plan for any occasion or store and calculate automatically the product expiry dates. Premium List selections are available to Household Account Subscribers.

  • Realistic Expiry Tracking and Reporting

    CozZo inventory tracks "Best By" and "Use By" dates for all foods and helps you decide if food has to be binned or not. CozZo Journal gives you an up-to-date report of consumed vs. wasted food, as well as a detailed monthly product use breakdown.

  • Smart Product & List Management

    Your inventory and shopping planner work together to automatically remove used up and duplicate items and remind you to replenish products. A library of 1500 foods and home supplies with pre-set category, shelf life and storage place helps you add items in seconds.

  • Professional Barcode Scanner

    CozZo's scanner recognizes over 466 million product names, detects the specific package sizes and retrieves pictures. Barcodes are scanned quickly, regardless of the package surface and stored in the household product library.


Available in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Timely Food Use

Have you noticed how much food ends up in the bin in your household?
Wasted food heavily contributes to already serious pollution, wildlife, and climate problems; it is an iceberg that we don't fully see.
CozZo assists in using the food while it is fresh and tasty, long before it has gone bad.
The Food Waste Iceberg

Substantial Savings

Discarded food is a totally avoidable loss of our money, time and efforts.
Use our calculator to estimate how much money CozZo will help you save per year.
With CozZo all-purpose shopping planner you can rest assured that "emergency" shopping trips will become a thing of the past.
The Supermarket Labyrinth

Mindful Grocery Shopping

Various temptations and distractions are placed along our journey in the supermarket.
We return with full bags only to discover that we forgot to buy the essential, e.g. Bread.
Plan your shopping trips more efficiently and put an end to forgotten or unnecessary purchases.