An ABC Guide to Wasting Less Food

A. Always check what food you already have at home ?

B. Buy only what you need ?

C. Check if you finished the whole item last time, if not, reduce the quantity ?

D. Download and make a quick pantry inventory ?

E. Embrace eating at home more often ?‍?

F. Forget weekly meal planning ?

G. Go for plastic-less options ?

H. Have a shopping plan ?

I. Identify your family’s favorite dishes – cook more of what they love and waste less ?

J. Just enough!  – Make this your new mantra on portion sizes ?

K. Keep cooking simple ?

L. Label the food you freeze ?

M. Minimize your shopping list ?

N. Never shop groceries when hungry ?

O. Optimize your visits to the grocery store ?

P. Prepare yourself a lunch box ? 

Q. Quit buying more food that you can prepare and eat in time ?

R. Repurpose leftovers ?

S. Substitute ingredients ??

T. Try recipe free cooking ?

U. Upgrade to CozZo household account for better coordination and less work ?‍?‍?

V. Verify you are not doubling on purchases ?️

W. Wait a few days before repurchasing a product – missing something is good ?

X. ‘Xamine your food journal for bad patterns ?

Y. You’re doing a great job ?

Z. Zero food waste is an attainable goal with CozZo ?

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