Eliminate Food Expiration Date Confusion With CozZo Shelf Life Advisor

A study by NRDC and Harvard Law School found that 90% of Americans bin food prematurely. A staggering fact! Largely the result of the uncertainty in reading expiration dates, confusion between the different types of labeling, and the misconception that the ‘best by’ is a safety warning.

Today, we no longer trust our senses. Therefore, we rely on the “better safe than sorry” tactic and throw away perfectly good food just in case. But with the CozZo app, we can now realistically predict the food¬†expiry time and put an end to the guessing game and avoidable food binning.

Food expiry confusion is no new subject. A lot has been written on the need to differentiate between ‘use by,’ ‘best by, ‘sell by’. In the U.S. alone, there are 14 different types of labeling in circulation! Go figure out this!

For the majority of products, manufacturers apply their own expiration date methodology. There is still no binding system for food labeling standardization. With loose regulations, manufacturers have a financial incentive to end their product’s lifecycle when it tastes best, so as to shorten the time span between repeat purchases.

We have come to believe that peak quality is a microbiological safety standard. In fact, it is a subjective indicator defined by consumer tastings, shelf life lab testings, and product turnover rates.

Therefore, except the ‘use by’ label on highly perishable food such as meat, fish eggs, and poultry, all other food labeling refers to food quality –¬† freshness, texture, flavor and nutritional value ‚ÄĒ and not safety. It has been found that a yogurt labeled with ‘best before’ is still good and safe to eat 10 days after that date.

The labelling system is aimed at helping consumers understand freshness, but it fails Рthey think it’s about safety. And (consumers) are wasting money and wasting food because of this misunderstanding.

- Emily Broad Lieb, Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic

Labelling is confusing even to savvy consumers. Way too often, we just¬†automatically look at the date, ignoring the accompanying wording on the label, and if it’s close to today’s date, we mindlessly throw it away.

Despite our best intentions, if we are not paying conscious attention while assessing the food items in our fridge, we habitually read the date on the package as a safety warning.

Shelf Life Advisor

The question is how to avoid all this confusion? Our suggestion?

Use the CozZo Shelf Life advisor instead.

Following NRDC prescriptions, CozZo is strict on perishable food and lenient on items that just lose their taste, flavor, and presentation. If the

food is highly perishable, you will get a strict reminder and the product will be red-flagged.  You will receive a gentle reminder for the foods that are starting to lose their flavor but are still safe to eat. A green flag will appear on your display.

CozZo app provides a realistic shelf life for nearly 1500 common foods, which you are most likely to stock at home. It also advises you as to where best store a product Рthe fridge, the pantry, or the freezer. If you are not sure how good is your food storage know-how, take our quick test to learn where you stand.

CozZo is also super-precise in tracking and reporting on the status of your groceries. To assist you in your shopping and cooking routines,  CozZo app checks your home inventory several times a day and sends reminders for products that need your attention to the home screen of your phone. This allows for a quick product update even without opening the app.

So put an end to expiry date confusion today.

Cozzo helps you boost your confidence when it comes to deciding which food is still good and which should go.

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