A Must-Have App For Roommates That Eliminates Tension Around Managing the Household

Everyone, who’s ever lived with roommates (housemates, flatmates) knows that having good relationships comes down to balancing sharing, collaboration, respect for privacy and personal boundaries and clear communication. It’s a delicate equilibrium to set up and maintain. So, we constantly find ourselves bickering over the most trivial stuff.

But it is not really our fault. We are (most of us) nice people, who just haven’t worked out a system of running a shared household in harmony. Hands down, living with roommates is a tricky thing. That is why apps such as CozZo can be really helpful in upholding household harmony, helping to stop bickering and arguments.

Stop Your Communal Fridge From Looking Like a Landfill

It is easy to lose track of the food we have in the fridge, especially when many different products are bought and stored anonymously by different people. When we have left food to go bad we subconsciously want to disown it. We pretend it is not ours and hope in vain somebody else might take care of it.

We might even ask, “Where is this horrible smell coming from? Is there a dead mouse in here! Nobody ever cleans this fridge!” And you know how this story continues, while rotten food keeps piling up.


CozZo has a super-precise tracking system that lets you know what food is approaching its expiry date and needs your urgent attention. You can track your products at home remotely, so you don’t double up on items you already have at home. If you know that you have chicken breasts that absolutely need to be prepared tonight for dinner, you don’t need to buy pork chops today.

Surplus food is an unnecessary expense, especially when money is tight. So, CozZo helps you keep a tidy clean fridge and end pointless expenses and rotten food at one time. One less chore (and row!) for your household.

Share, Because You Care

When living with roommates, there is stuff you buy for personal use and stuff that is purchased for sharing. This seems pretty straightforward but it isn’t. What happens to that bottle of milk you bought for yourself, that is about to expire, but you are only one-third through. You have 2 options – let the milk perish or share it with your roommates. But how to spread the word that there is good milk for your morning coffee to be shared by all. 

CozZo household account now comes with the ability to create unlimited storage space lists. They can be shared spaces within your household or they can be personal. By adding food to your personal fridge or other kitchen storage space, it will be visible only to you, and you alone will be receiving notifications on its freshness status.

This means that when you get a notification from CozZo that your milk is about to expire, you can choose to move it from your personal fridge space to the public one. This way, all your roommates will know there is milk available for sharing and that they don’t need to buy extra milk until this one is used up. tea time

Monitor the Staples and Household Products

Another way to minimize costs in a shared household is by sharing staples, such as olive oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, flour, spices, etc. The only trouble is if the person who has used up a product forgets to replenish it. Waking up to find no milk in the house is not a great way to start the day. 

Again CozZo is here to help. Everybody can reduce the quantity of a shared product in a ‘shared’ list as it is being used up, and the last person to finish it off just adds the product to the shopping list through the ‘buy more’ button. The product is added to the shared shopping list for all housemates in real-time.

The same goes for shared household products, such as detergents, dishwashing liquids, liquid soap, batteries, vacuum cleaner bags, lightbulbs, etc. The sudden realization that you are out of toilet paper can fuel an argument out of thin air. And who needs another round of the blame game!

Collaborate on Your Shopping

CozZo helps you keep your shopping lists always up to date. So you can collaborate on your shopping and not just for the shared stuff. You can add items from your personal lists to the shared shopping lists. Next time, someone is headed to the drugstore to buy some pills, they can also grab the conditioner and toothpaste that you added to the list. Once they appear as bought items on the ‘kitchen counter,  you can switch them back again to your private storage space.

So all that bickering over household trivia between roommates can be very well avoided. Get your CozZo.app today and turn your household into one peaceful and cooperative home.

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