How I Turned Supermarket Shopping into a Piece of Cake Activity!

Here is my* ordinary day: I get up, I get the kids ready for school, I get ready for work and then I go. After work, I rush for the kids and their extracurricular activities. Then we go home and search for something to eat. Sometimes there is something ready, sometimes there isn’t.

Because I did not have the time to cook or buy something ready. This is the 21st century and we have to admit it: we are all too busy.

So, I guess I had to go to the grocery store and just buy something. Some may think that at least the supermarket shopping is easy and even fun but… guess what – it’s not exactly like that. I go to the store and start to put different items in the cart. I try to remember everything we need.

And it is just then when my son decided he wanted some junk food. And my daughter supported. I disagree, and here is a fight. A loud and embarrassing one. So I suddenly forget all I had in mind just a second ago…Does it sound familiar? If so, then you have probably also faced situations when you tried to do many things at the same time and failed.

Our minds are too busy remembering many things. Sometimes even useless, but still – we remember them. And forget others.sometimes-i-remember-to-bring

The good news is that we live in a modern world and we can use all its modern gadgets. And modern apps for them. Including such for shopping.

But what is their big advantage? Why do people keep on downloading them?

Well, because by using them you are able to create an organized list of the products you need. Easily.

Secondly, because by not writing on a piece of paper, you are actually becoming a friend of the environment. And, of yourself, of course. Because you do not have many small pieces of paper that are so easy to drop somewhere. And you don’t have to remember where you actually left them. On the contrary – you have everything gathered in one place.

Thirdly, because you are not supposed to remember everything – you can just add it to your app list. And when you go to the store, all you have to do is take out your smartphone and take a look at the list. Buy everything and forget nothing from now on.

Phew…, here, we got some free time. Instead of running to the shop again for something we forgot. And again. And…oh, god, did I forget this, too?!

Not anymore! Just pick the app that suits you best. As this would save some very important resources: time and money. Tell me, did you calculate the gas you spent on the few goings to the shop? Yep, it is money, too. Plus the time you were out doing something you wish you had done earlier, in fact.

And…the expirationdate1third – do you remember this cheese you threw in the garbage bin a few days ago? Yes, the one you bought and let it spoil. Or had you planned it for the romantic evening with your girlfriend/boyfriend? But you were busy working this same evening and then .. you just forgot it. And in the end, it was gone bad.

If only someone could remind of those products…

Yep, a shopping list app is the solution to all of the above. I’m using CozZo digital kitchen app and from my personal experience in the past six months, the app works great.

For instance, it has a nice list of products included in the grocery library to speed up entry. Building and updating the “At Home” list with all things in my fridge/pantry is easier than any other app I have tried. Finally, I’m able to see how much food is wasted in my family!

I saved time – I don’t rush to the shop again and again for each forgotten thing. And best of all – I saved money. I don’t throw food away anymore. Because I’m able to plan how much to buy. Yes, there is such a benefit, too.

So…does it sound better now?

*This article was sent to us by one of our users




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