2 Kitchen Mantras that Make Us Actually Waste More Food

We do not waste food intentionally. Food waste is collateral damage to how we manage our kitchens. Aside from the fact, that our food prep skills are nowhere as good as our grandmothers’used to be, we are often additionally misguided into waste by well-meant advice. There are especially 2 kitchen practises we strongly recommend you stop doing now. One is reading food labels, and the other doing weekly meal planning. Here is why:

If You Want to Waste Less Food, Stop Reading Food Expiry Labels. 

One of the main drivers of food waste is a result of expiry date labels. The 3 main reasons are uncertainty in reading expiration dates, confusion between the different types of labelling, and the misconception that the ‘best by’ is a safety warning.

Labelling is confusing even to savvy consumers. Way too often, we just automatically look at the date, ignoring the accompanying wording on the label, and if it’s close to today’s date, we mindlessly throw it away.

But with the CozZo app, we can now realistically predict the food expiry time and put an end to the guessing game and avoidable food binning.


We’ve been told over and over again that food planning is the vital first step to a waste-free kitchen. Even most anti-food waste apps base their solution on meal planning.

But technology doesn’t make meal planning easier.

Why Weekly Meal Planning Is Not Be the Answer to Wasting Less

The problem with meal planning is that it just no longer fits our lifestyles. Moreover, planning food in the “traditional way” has become a key driver of food waste in many modern households. Meal planning was perfect when life was slow and predictable, and the family member had no other choice or obligations other than to eat their meals together at home each and every evening. But this is just not something that happens anymore. Our busy and unpredictable schedules take a huge time and energy toll on us. We need a different approach to managing our food. Read here how we tackle this issue with


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