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    Add To Shopping List with Alexa
    1 year agoopen0
    You will be able to add products to CozZo "Unsorted" list with simple voice commands like: "Alexa, add Milk to my shopping list" or "Hey Siri, add Milk to my shopping list".
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    Import csv file of existing inventory
    10 months agoopen0
    I upgraded to the annual service option, but I don't see a way to "import" an existing inventory list. For instance, I used a different inventory tracker that lets me export my inventory to a .CSV fil... Read more...
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    Search retained
    11 months agoopen0
    Could the search please remember the last search and then have a clear button.Use case: I have a long term storage area. When I am searching for an item it may be in the long term storage or in th... Read more...
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    Leftovers Barcode Labels
    8 months agoopen0
    When food prep’ing and left overs etcIs there a way the app could generate a QR code or barcode that I could print out and stick to my container?So that way for things like bulk grain I could ... Read more...
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