Realistic Expiry Tracking and Reporting

CozZo's unique expiry tracking system is designed in partnership with ReFresh, the leading EU Research Project, to help avoid food waste driving habits, such as expiry labels confusion, premature binning, overbuying, etc.

"Best By" and "Use By" Dates

“Best By” and “Use By” Dates

CozZo uses a straightforward, yet very capable product date tracking system. Perishable foods like meat, fish or dairy are marked with “Use By” dates and red icons. Products that just lose their taste, flavour and presentation have “Best By” dates and dark green icons.

Food Chart

Food Chart

CozZo Food Chart is a total or monthly percentage of food used in time vs. products that were discarded. By converting the quantity and unit of measure of each product, CozZo displays a precise calculation and ratio of used-up and uneaten food.

Expiry Reminders

Expiry Reminders

CozZo performs ongoing inventory check-ups and sends several types of strict or lenient expiry reminders:

expires today: morning and afternoon reminders for items that have reached their expiry date;

to expire soon: for items that expire within 2 days;

expired items: the number of items that have passed their ‘Best by’ or ‘Used by dates’;

"Expire After" Header

“Expire After” Header

This row shows the products in your date-sorted inventory that expire after a set number of days. You can change the days at any time, according to how much time ahead you wish to plan.

"Due Time" Bar

“Due Time” Bar

The ‘Due Time’ bar helps you make the right decision – whether a product is still good or it has gone too far beyond the “Use By” date and you should throw it away. The bar indicates the number of days to go or overdue and illustrates it visually.

"Uneaten" Button

“Uneaten” Button

Use the ‘Uneaten’ button to note any products or cooked dishes that have been discarded for whatever reason. CozZo calculates automatically the remaining quantity after you pick from one of the 3 simple quantity choices – Some / Half / Whole.