Food and Home Supplies Inventory

"At Home" list gives you a complete picture of the food and supplies you already have in your house and when each item will expire. Groceries, crossed off from your shopping list are automatically added.

Multiple Devices and Users

Multiple Devices and Users

Collaborate with up to 10 members of your household, using iPhone/iPad devices. You can set up an identical profile on several devices or have each one with a different user. Your products, inventory and shopping lists are synchronized in real-time or as soon as you go online.

Quick Start

Quick Start

Our flashcard wizard of 60 illustrated basic products lets you fill your inventory and shopping list by swiping left or right. You can resume the process later if you need to double-check on something.

"Due Time" Bar

“Due Time” Bar

The ‘Due Time’ bar helps you make the right decision – whether a product is still good or it has gone too far beyond the “Use By” date and you should throw it away. The bar indicates the number of days to go or overdue and illustrates it visually.

"Uneaten" Button

“Uneaten” Button

Use the ‘Uneaten’ button to note any products or cooked dishes that have been discarded for whatever reason. CozZo calculates automatically the remaining quantity after you pick from one of the 3 simple quantity choices – Some / Half / Whole.

"Used Up" Button

“Used Up” Button

Remove a product from your inventory when it has been eaten or utilised with “Used Up” button. All product usage statistics will be saved and you can view them in Journal monthly reports and “Last Use” bar.

Cooked Dishes Tracking

Cooked Dishes Tracking

Add any home-cooked meal to your inventory by typing a name and assigning it to the “Home Cooked” category. CozZo will automatically suggest 3 days as a standard shelf-life for refrigerator storage. Assign the exact number of the extra portions that you will be freezing or storing in your fridge.