Smart Product & List Management

Your inventory and shopping planner work together to automatically remove used up and duplicate items and remind you to replenish products. A library of 1500 foods and home supplies with pre-set category, shelf life and storage place helps you add items in seconds.

Shared Product Library

Shared Product Library

Add items to your inventory or shopping list by typing 2-3 letters and picking a name from CozZo’s built-in product library. Manually added or barcode scanned items are added to the library and shared with all members of your household. The library supports English, Deutsch, Dutch, Danish, Spanish and Bulgarian languages.

Shelf Life Advisor

Shelf Life Advisor

CozZo provides a realistic shelf life for nearly 1500 common foods, meals and household supplies, depending on storage conditions. The suggested “Use Within” and “Best Within” periods are strict on perishable food and lenient on items that just lose their taste, flavour and presentation.

"Scale" Button

“Scale” Button

When a quantity and units are selected, e.g. 300 grams., a scale button appears above the product name. Pressing the button sets a product package size (300 grams), allowing you to plan your shopping and review the catalogue in a more convenient way.

Double Add Prevention

Double Add Prevention

When adding a product to your shopping lists, CozZo will check if it is already there. You will be prompted to update the existing product with a new quantity or just add a second entry.

"Recently Added" List

“Recently Added” List

The ‘Recently Added’ list shows alphabetically sorted products that were added during the last 3 months. Tap on the product name to load all details in ‘Add’ form.

"Frequently Added" List

“Frequently Added” List

This list is automatically created and updated by CozZo. We promote a product to ‘Frequently Added’ when it is repeatedly added to your inventory or shopping list.