CozZo Anti-Food Waste App Launches on German App Store

After winning the local round of the Sofia BetaPitch, the CozZo team flew into Berlin for the final battle during Investors’ Day. This coincided with the launch of CozZo on the German App Store.

“We see Germany as a very promising market for our company, as the country has demonstrated a high commitment towards food waste reduction,” says Ivo Dimitrov, Founder and Chief Developer of CozZo.

With a population of 83 million, Germany reports approximately 11 million kilograms of food waste per year, which equates to 82kg per person or 250kg per 3 member household. “This is no small amount,” comments Ivo, and adds that the good news is that “Germany joined the EU pledge to reduce food waste by half in 2030, and this is not only on paper.”

Ivo cites the commitment of the current Federal Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, to dedicate “10 million euros to fund research projects and startups that will work toward the goal of finding better ways to determine the freshness of food.”According to the Minister, “Expiry dates printed on food product labels have a lot to do with food waste.”


BetaPitch Global Finalists


CozZo founder is convinced that the company’s solution for food waste will be well received on the German market, due to its unique food expiry tracking system. “CozZo has a built-in database, that suggests a realistic shelf life and the optimal storage place – your fridge, pantry or freezer.  CozZo is also super-precise in tracking and reporting on the status of your groceries.”

Ivo explains that if the food is highly perishable, you will get a strict reminder and the product will be red-flagged. If the food is just starting to lose its flavour but is still safe to eat, a green flag will appear on the screen, together with a gentle reminder. “This way, people will be more confident about using up the food they have, instead of binning perfectly edible food”.

Afther the final, a new startup show, “Startup TV” invited us to pitch CozZo idea in 60 seconds.

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