Discover Top Recipes and Other Delightful New Features & Improvements with CozZo 2.1

We hope you’ve had a great long summer vacation. All the while, we were busy developing a whole bunch of delightful new features that will bring you an even more pleasant and seamless user experience and food management journey. We hope you enjoy our improvements.

Recipe Finder

The Recipe Finder allows you to find a recipe based on the items in your inventory. Use it for items that are about to expire and need your attention.
To get a recipe the select items you want to cook and tap on the Recipe Finder icon.

For standalone users, CozZo will display recipes from Google search. If you are a Household Account subscriber, you will be able to choose a recipe from one of the 10 premium cooking sites in your preferred language.

Faster Product Entry

Pull to Add
This new feature allows you to add one or more products while browsing your inventory or shopping list. To Add a product scroll to the top, slide your finger downwards until the default action (+) icon zooms in. To add products straight through ‘barcode scanning’ or ‘search in library’, slide your finger left or right. To change the default action (+) go to setting.

Shortcuts (3D Touch)
Household Account subscribers with iPhone 6S and newer devices, can use the ‘Scan to Add’ shortcut. Apply pressure with your finger to the app icon to see the shortcut.

Improved Settings and Customer Support

Our settings are now even easier to use. and more customizable, Options are easier to navigate and manage.

The new help section allows you to switch on and off the CozZo usage tips. It provides direct access to CozZo miniguides, FAQs and email help desk.

CozZo 2.1 also features a brand new Learn More sections, with direct access to new features showcase, food management articles, newsfeed, etc.

Actions on Multiple List and Inventory Items

For one or more selected items, you can perform “Send List”, “Bought”, ‘Recipe Finder” ‘Used Up” and “Remove” actions by tapping on the colour-coded bullets.

New Enhanced Journal

Our Journal has a brand new, more delightful look and feel.
The journal is now operated through gestures that allow you to switch between reports and zoom into charts.

It also comes with the New Monthly Progress Chart
This feature is a bar chart that displays the number of ‘Used up’ and ‘Uneaten’ items, month by month, so you can monitor your food waste reduction progress.

User Experience Improvements

“Added Today” Indicator
Check what’s new in your home inventory by looking at the red plus sign badges.

List Sorting Options
By selecting ‘Category” view, your products will be grouped according to the standard supermarket layout. Sorting by ‘Recently Added’ displays newly added items on top.

The App performance has been optimized so that CozZo now has a much smaller footprint on your phone.

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