The project

CozZo is a next-gen household food management system, that integrates fridge and pantry inventory, smart shopping assistance and precise food expiry tracking support. The first product we released is a mobile app available for free download on Apple App Store in selected markets.

The leader in the UK App Store, CozZo currently supports household food and supplies management by up to 10 persons with yearly or monthly subscription plans. A free "standalone" version is available, which is limited to one user and doesn't include our cloud-based services: barcode scanning, product pictures, recipes. Apple Watch and Android versions are planned for Q4/19 and Q1/20.

In the near future, CozZo plans to introduce its own smart kitchen devices at a highly competitive market price, as well as other innovative app features.

The project has passed its “Angel” investment round and is in preparation for its seed round in Q4/19.

Our Vision

A complete system of connected apps and hardware devices: CozZo, the 21st Century Butler.


Finalist, Food Matters Live (London, 2016)

Finalist, REFRESH Food Waste (Berlin, 2017)

Finalist, MobCon Europe (Sofia, 2017),

Top 50 Changemakers in Europe, Food Waste Innovation Network, March 2018

2018 Hottest Startups, WEBIT (Sofia, 2018)

Finalist, Top 30 European Food Tech Startups - TechTour (Aarhus, 2018)

Winner, Betapitch Startup Competition (Sofia, 2018)

iPhone app
Managed Products
User Sessions

The app sets a new standard for design, functionality, quality and ease of use. Hundreds of simulations and real-world tryouts were needed to develop the algorithms that run behind the scenes. The numbers above show a top-of-the-iceberg picture of our real usage stats as of 15 Aug 2018.

We took into account all reasons for food spoilage and described in an article how CozZo helps to avoid them.  Advanced machine learning techniques power the suggestion, coaching, notification and reporting functionality of the app.

A brief description of current app features:

- Assisted product entry:  rich dictionary, store aisle and freshness period suggestion make new product creation a matter of seconds

- The easiest shopping list: make a shareable list in seconds using any previously created product, change expiration time on the go and navigate the supermarket with store aisle sorting

- Coaching feedback: see the history of your previous usage of any product in your shopping list and adjust your shopping

- Home inventory, deeply integrated with your shopping list: automatically move products between your list and inventory.

- Food Waste indication: specify with two taps how much food is thrown away

- Smart reminders for everything: time to shop, products that expire, inventory update

- More.. ask for details

CozZo Story

CozZo was born out of a personal pain point. For years, Ivo Dimitrov, a developer by heart and mind, tried to organise his own family kitchen in a systematic way. He went from introducing fridge boards to sticky notes to voice call coordination, to shopping list messaging, to finally trying out available mobile apps.

But nothing really worked. So he undertook an in depth research on kitchen management only to discover that grocery shopping drama, kitchen disorganisation and resulting food spoilage are everyone's problems leading to global waste catastrophe.

Ivo was sure that he was onto something: a universal human need for which there was yet no solution. So he decided to change his path, quitting a day-time job and devoting his talents and skills to devising a hi-tech solution for household food management and food waste reduction that actually works.

It was not an easy start, but now he can proudly say that with a talented A-team of developers, marketers, designers, writers and advisors the project is well on its way.

Our Team

Ivo Dimitrov, Vassilisa Ivanova, Teodor Stoyanov, Kimberly Allen, Altimir Antonov, Stoyan Vasilev, Viktor Muhtarov, GoToAdmins Team.

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