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    CozZo for Apple Watch, Second Release
    4 months agoapproved
    The second release of CozZo for Apple Watch will provide inventory browsing in a similar way as the iOS app.  You will be able to browse all items or see the custom-created public or personal Spaces a... Read more...
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    Add To Shopping List with Alexa
    4 months agoapproved
    You will be able to add products to CozZo "Unsorted" list with simple voice commands like: "Alexa, add Milk to my shopping list" or "Hey Siri, add Milk to my shopping list".
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    Linked Shopping Lists and Storage Spaces
    4 months agoin progress
    You will be able to link a certain shopping list to specific storage space.If an item is crossed off as bought from a linked list, it will be moved automatically to your designated storage space, ... Read more...
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    Import csv file of existing inventory
    7 hours agoapproved
    I upgraded to the annual service option, but I don't see a way to "import" an existing inventory list. For instance, I used a different inventory tracker that lets me export my inventory to a .CSV fil... Read more...
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    Brand Photos for Products
    2 weeks agoin progress
    You will be able to take and attach/remove multiple photos to products, managed by CozZo. This is useful if you have favorite brands of a product and you want to show to other household members what t... Read more...
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    "Away from Home" Function
    4 months agoopen
    If you are planning to be away from home for an extended period of time, (anything from a weekend to a few weeks), you can set the start and end date of your absence, and CozZo will automatically calc... Read more...
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    Search retained
    4 weeks agoopen
    Could the search please remember the last search and then have a clear button.Use case: I have a long term storage area. When I am searching for an item it may be in the long term storage or in th... Read more...
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    Meal planner
    2 weeks agoreviewed
    A place in the app to plan out meals over a certain time period (e.g. a week) based on ingredients on hand.
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    Set a Best Before Date in the Past
    7 hours agoin progress
    When setting up your inventory for existing products, you can have long storage items with best before dates in the past. But the app doesn't allow you to do that so you can only set it to today's dat... Read more...
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