About CozZo

Ivo Dimitrov, holding CozZo app in a supermarket.

CozZo founder - Ivo Dimitrov, MScs

It started as a hobby project of mine, named "CogZum"*.

After 10 years of trying out all possible ways for shopping organization: fridge boards/notes, million phone calls and finally mobile apps I saw that there is nothing that works well.

So, I set myself on a path to change this by making a hi-tech solution that will assistĀ households for better organization of their shopping and reduction of spoiled food. Ā A talented team of designers, writers and advisors joinedĀ to make it a reality.

CozZo is envisioned as a complete system of connected apps and hardware devices. We call it "21st-century butler".

The first "piece" of it is CozZo iPhone app (formally known as CogZum app),Ā  which is available for download in selected countries.

The A+ team which makes this project possible: Ivo Dimitrov, Teodor Stoyanov, Kimberly Allen, Viktor Muhtarov, Stoyan Vasilev, Petko Tankov.

Special credits go to Gany Dineva, Martin Konstantinov, Dessislava Kovacheva, Nevana Suleva, Vassilisa Ivanova, Jury Shubin, Kaloyan Yankulov, Altimir Antonov, Cheryl Jadav, Deyean Zhekov, Angela Tang, Nadya Zdravkova, and all my friends and early adopters for their support, brilliant ideas and helpful feedback.

*"Cognizant Consumer" is theĀ project motto, embodied in it's name.




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