New Features

We regularly add new features to CozZo and improve the ones that have been received well. We are always open to suggestions - to submit your ideas please go to the Feature Ideas page.

"Cook Expiring Products" Board

“Cook Expiring Products” Board

“Cook Expiring Products” meal ideas board identifies recipes from your collections that use products at the end of their shelf life. The recipes are listed according to the number of expiring products.

"Default" Shopping List

“Default” Shopping List

An automatic list where CozZo places planned purchases that are not designated to a shopping list, defined by the user. The name, theme, style, and other settings can be customized.

Online Shopping Assistant

Online Shopping Assistant

Browse products in online stores directly from your shopping lists. Select a retailer and CozZo will run an automated step-by-step search for items on your shopping list.

"On Order" Inventory

“On Order” Inventory

Displays items that are pending delivery and the retailer they have been purchased from. You can update the pending delivery item status or the delivery date within CozZo to activate the expiry tracking and recipe matching at any time.
Shopping Lists Messaging

Shopping Lists Messaging

Coordinate shopping with preset messages and a dedicated chat room. The name of the currently opened list is automatically included in your message.

Pending Delivery

Pending Delivery

Move your online purchases to ‘At Home’ with the new ‘Delivery’ button. They won’t be expiry tracked or matched to recipes until the delivery date.