The following instructions are prepared for households that have confirmed their participation in Lowinfood project. If you live in one of those countries(Finland, Austria, Greece) and would like to join the focus groups, please let us know on this email.

Now, follow these steps to prepare CozZo on your iPhone and iPad for use in Lowinfood.

1) Install CozZo from your App Store – https://tosto.re/cozzo

2.1) Start CozZo and perform the Sign-in with a Google account or create a CozZo account with a combination of an email and password.

2.2) If you have already installed and signed in to the app, navigate to the last tab(Household) and open “Settings & Help” page by tapping on the button in the top right corner. Note the email displayed in “Your Profile” section.

3) Enter the email that you have used in the sign-in in form below. The Lowinfood access code should be provided by the person that has contacted you with the proposal to join the project.

4) Once we collect all emails for project participants we will unlock all CozZo Household Account features for a period of one year. To learn about the added functionality, please visit our feature page.

5) You will receive an email from team@cozzo.app with a notification that your Household Account is ready. You may need to restart the app(kill the app if running in the background) on your devices to pick up the account status change.