Why Our Ways of Doing Meal Planning Need Rethinking To Fit Our Busy Lifestyle

If you are into healthy eating, nutrition, waste-free lifestyle, or simply trying to organize your kitchen efficiently you have inevitably come across advice to start planning your meals. Immaculate meal planning is often suggested as the cure to all our kitchen ills. Yes, that tedious act of planning 3 meals per day, for 7, 14, or even 30 days ahead, for all members of your household.

You have probably already tried the downloadable “Planner” sheets, printed to be filled out every Sunday evening, ideally with your whole family involved, so everybody has a say. We wonder what you think of them, but to us, they are a rigid and boring way of making a meal plan.

The problem with “old school” meal planning is that it can become a key driver of food waste.

Rigid meal planning is okay when life is slow and predictable and all family members are eating meals together at home each and every evening. But this is just not something that happens that often. Our busy and unpredictable lifestyle takes a huge time and energy toll on us.

We end up buying more than we can prepare, preparing more than we are able to eat, and throwing away way more than we have anticipated throughout the whole process.


Think about these questions as you read along. 

  1. Can you predict the number of family meals this week, are there any work/other commitments?
  2. Are you being realistic about how much needs to be prepared after a long day at work/with the kids etc?
  3. Will the meal plan you have stuck on the side of the fridge really be used by everyone in the house?

If you’ve given an honest “NO” answer don’t feel bad – just be realistic that you need a more flexible approach to meal planning. What we need is an approach that actually works for us and fits into our schedules, unpredictable change of plans and our fluctuation in cooking energy and enthusiasm.

How Does Flexible, Zero Waste Meal Planning Work?  

By using a tech approach to plan your family meals you can start the week with a basic plan – but have the flexibility to move that around as necessary and share the plan with key members of your household to encourage their participation in the shopping and cooking.

Scenario A

It is workday afternoon.

You have time to think about this week’s meals. You need to go through the food you already have at home or check your cookbook collection for ideas. Ah, but you are not at home; you are in the office.

No worries, CozZo app gives you a real-time snapshot of your fridge and pantry much faster and more precisely than going through the kitchen cupboards or relying on memory. In the app you have already gathered your family’s favorite recipes and by browsing them you can see the matching and any missing ingredients you need.

Decide what to include in your plan for the week or discover new recipes that match your preferences with CozZo’s recipe finder. Missing ingredients can be added to a shopping list.

Your Weekly Meal Plan

Scenario B

It’s mid-week.

Your partner is attending a business event and won’t be home for dinner. So it is just you and the kids.

CozZo meal planner shows you that you have leftover chicken pasta, but it won’t spread to serve you all. Without this reminder, the pasta may be forgotten by everyone and gone bad in a few days.

But checking the CozZo app, fridge inventory you see that you have eggs and some parmesan.  You also see that the tomatoes are not so fresh but still good for cooking. If you use the leftover pasta and make a fresh tomato frittata, you can skip the grocery tonight.  You can head straight home after work, for a quick dinner fix and enough quality time with the kids.

Scenario C

Now think – it is Friday.

You had planned in a delicious “Chilli con carne” for tonight – however, you have a late meeting and you need to delegate the cooking for this evening to a family member – but will they know what needs to be bought and how to cook your favorite recipe?

Well, this is easy with CozZo, you can create your own recipes or modify imported ones to your taste. They are instantly matched to your inventory, just add the missing ingredients to the shopping list with a few taps and set them as urgent. Your partner will be notified that there are products to be bought today.

That’s sorted out!

All family members have access to CozZo’s cookbook and the recipe details page shows the instructions, ingredients, and quantities – so no need for them to keep you on the phone or hunt around on the internet.  You have made it so simple for them that there will be no excuse to deviate from the plan!

We have made our meal planner truly versatile with recipe cookbook, food inventory and shopping list integrations. With the ability to plan 2 weeks ahead you will be in control of your meal planning rather than overwhelmed by it.

So that is our take on flexible meal planning. A less daunting and straightforward approach. And above all, one that accommodates your lifestyle and schedule instead of fighting against it.

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