How Well Are You Running Your Kitchen? Quizz Answers

1. Where is the best place to keep your apples?

  in the fridge crisp drawer

Leaving apples out on the counter, at room temperature, will cause them to overripe within 10 days, but they will be kept crisp for up to 1 month in the crisp drawer.


2. How long before frozen poultry starts to lose its quality?

  12 months

When stored at -18°C/-0.4°F poultry will preserve its nutritional value up to a year. After that, frozen meat and poultry are safe to eat, but will diminish in nutrition and taste.


3. The milk will last longer if stored:

  on a fridge shelf near the back

We commonly keep milk on the fridge door, but this way we expose it to warmer temperature each time we open the fridge. If you don’t drink a bottle of milk in a day or two, best store it in the coolest place in the fridge, which happens to be the back, where temperatures are closest to 3°C/37.4°F. Unopened UHT milk can be stored at room temperature because it is sterile.


4. How long will your leafy greens last in the fridge?

  7 days

If greens are properly washed, rinsed and drained, and stored in an airtight container, they will keep fresh up to a week.


5. Where is the best place to keep your tomatoes?

  on the countertop on a plate

To preserve tomatoes juicy and meaty, place them on a plate with sufficient space between them. If they are stored in a bowl, the bottom tomatoes are likely to crush, and if one goes bad, it will quickly spoil the rest. Keeping tomatoes in a fridge will make their texture mealy and the chill with dull their flavour.


6. For how long will pasta be at its best quality if stored properly?

  12 months

Dried pasta will keep its original quality for up to a year, if unopened or repackaged into an airtight container. Cardboard package can cause mustiness and moisture problems during extended storage. After a year, pasta is still edible and safe but it may become brittle or musty.


7. Where should eggs be stored to keep them fresh for up to a month?

  on a shelf near the back

Eggs are commonly stored in the fridge door, but because of the frequent opening, the temperature of the fridge door is usually 3-5° higher than the shelves inside. Even if your fridge has a special egg compartment with a lid, this will not prevent the eggs from being exposed to a warmer temperature. The compartment stops the eggs from absorbing odours from other food. But the plastic or cardboard egg packages will also isolate the eggs from absorbing smells and will store them propped in a vertical position, pointed end down, so as to keep the yolk centred within the egg and prevent the air pocket at the blunt end, from rupturing. Therefore, it is best to store the eggs on a shelf at the back of the fridge in their store-bought packaging. This way they will be kept fresh up to a month.


8. If stored properly, what is the maximum shelf life of citrus fruits?

  3-4 weeks

Citrus fruits will last only a few days if kept on the countertop for family members to help themselves. Yet when stored in the fridge crisp drawer with space between them, they can last for more than 3 weeks.


9. Can onions and potatoes be stored together?

  no, they must be stored separately in a cool, dark place

Potatoes and onions should not be stored in close proximity, as gases from the onions can hasten sprouting in potatoes. Keeping either in the fridge will decrease their taste and shelf life. Without enough air circulation, onions tend to get soggy, while the potato starch will gradually turn into sugar.


10. Should avocado be stored in the fridge?

  only if it is at peak ripeness

Keeping avocados in the fridge will prevent them from reaching full ripeness, and will keep them hard and pale, so they are best left on the countertop. Once fully ripe, they can be transferred to the fridge and last several more days.

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