Easily Manage the Product Flow in Your Kitchen with CozZo 1.9

As a brand that is centred on providing an outstanding technology, CozZo is constantly iterating towards a more seamless user journey.  We are ready to announce a set of fresh improvements that will enhance the flow of products in and out of your kitchen.

Get Yourself Started in Less than 2 Minutes 

We are often asked, how long does it take to make an initial home pantry inventory.  And we have an encouraging answer – 2 minutes.

Yes, you read it correctly. 

When you install CozZo on your iPhone, you will be prompted to go through our quick pictorial wizard.  You will be shown flashcards of basic products, that you are likely to maintain in your household.

Swipe left on the image, if the item is already in your pantry, swipe right if it is something that you need to buy. Swipe down, if it is not a product you ever buy.

In no time, you will end up with a functional pantry inventory and a basic list for your next grocery shopping and stocking. We believe that food planning can actually be fun and fast. So wait no more. Download CozZo app today, and build your kitchen catalogue with our set of 60 essential household basics.

CozZo Search Box

Use Our Product Search Box to Add Items Faster

CozZo ‘Add’ screen now comes with a search box that suggests names for your product based on the letters you have typed. It will also search all the items you have previously added to your list or inventory.

Personalise Your Search to Reflect Specific Cuisine Preferences 

You can use custom names for the newly added products or cooked dishes.  They will then become part of your personalised search results and appear in all your next searches. 

If you have a strong preference for a specific product, you can add it to your favourite list. This way, you can customise your catalogue to take into account your personal cuisine or dietary preferences or needs.

Browse through Your History of  Added Items

To see all your custom added items at a glance, select the ‘Add’ button from the bottom bar. You can now see your top Frequently Added items, and right below a Recently Added list that keeps track of all the items, you have added over the last few months.

Mark Discarded Food as You Go

Fruits and vegetables account for the largest amount of throw aways.  But unlike other food, they don’t spoil all at once, but rather one by one. And not necessarily dues to improper storage (take our storage quiz to test where you stand on storage know-how), but because of transportation issues and ripeness differences.

It is important to take out the spoiled ones because if kept together, the bad will spoil the good.

Now you can also mark off the fruit and vegetables that have gone bad, one by one.  CozZo calculates automatically the remaining quantity of your product.  That way, you will know exactly how many tomatoes or lemons you still have.

Less is more

All features of our “Products” list are now integrated into the “Add” screen and we simplified CozZo by removing this list.

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