Founder of CogZum, Ivo Dimitrov, Mentors the Green Technology Challenge at Gabrovo Innovation Camp

Gabrovo Innovation Camp 2018 seeks to create effective, efficient and sustainable solutions to the main social problems in the Gabrovo municipality through SOCIAL INNOVATION.  Organized by Gabrovo District Point and Gabrovo Municipality, Gabrovo Innovation Camp was held on 4 to 6 of October in Gabrovo. The camp was attended by more than 80 participants, who over the course of 3 days looked for solutions in the 6 separate challenges. These were (1) Business and social entrepreneurship, (2) Silver economy, (3) The young in the social innovations, (4) Green innovations, (5) The technologies in the social innovations, and (6)The education of the future.

The Founder and the mastermind behind the CogZum project, Ivo Dimitrov, was selected, to be on the group of inspiring mentors from the country and abroad to facilitate the Gabrovo Innovation Camp. He mentored the team who worked on the Green Innovation, challenged to uncover ideas that will turn Gabrovo into a sustainable, green city. The role of the mentors was to guide and focus group communication in search of new approaches and solutions. At the end of the camp, the mentors and the organizers selected the most inspired participants.

It was a pleasure mentoring the green tech group, as all the participants arrived with a problem-solving mindset of how to make their hometown a better place.

Ivo Dimitrov recalls his mentoring experience. “I think that our group came up with a¬†whole bunch of great ideas, and I hope to see some of them implemented in Gabrovo very soon.” He adds that Gabrovo is a great example of local proactiveness and that he hopes that other municipalities will soon follow suit.

The venue chosen for the Gabrovo Innovation Camp was a local landmark, the House of Humour and Satire to make the participants relax and laugh and inspire and provoke them for creative, innovative and bold ideas in their proposals. “Our group was located in the hall of the Christo exposition, which the¬†museum is currently hosting, as Gabrovo is the hometown of this great contemporary artist and this was also super-inspiring,” recall Ivo Dimitrov of his mentoring experience.

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